This work has been submitted by a man whose self-indulgence and highly inflated ego has led to the inevitable hard fall that such a ‘know all fucker’ deserves. So looking from the bottom up, whilst on the bones of ones arse has provided the opportunity for said ‘know all fucker’ to provide a narrative of how to avoid becoming a ‘know all fucker’ and recognize the level of RESPONSIBILITY (and there’s a word) needed to see this ‘labelled’ crises as a time of opportunity.

This is a gym forum so we’ll start with the physical

 ‘Are you kidding!’

See there just may be ‘No physical’ without consciousness. This amazing phenomena exists both outside your body as well as inside. A Phenomena that shall, from now on be referred to as mind. For the simple reason that I have a lazy brain and do not want to continue to write down the word consciousness. The argument as to whether none local (external) mind existed or not, seems to have been resolved by scientists discovering synergistic energy fields whilst undergoing physical scans.

So it would be oh so cool if ‘your’ local mind would do me the honor of digesting what I’m writing down.

Let’s try a little experiment.


Think about the process that you undergo every day when you eat your first meal.

Firstly…May I congratulate you on having a first meal of the day. And secondly by presuming that the procedure of eating, sleeping or even using the toilet is a common practice for the majority of us. Would immediately display a level of ignorance, because one cannot account for everybody. Circumstance can often deny the privilege of food and shelter!

The underlying point trying to expose itself is that most of us have procedures driven by necessity. 

To eat is just a good example. The first meal would probably be ‘a very good example’.

You rise

You wash

You dress

You eat

Possibly at your leisure, or you may be in a hurry. Often the first meal is the same, as your routine becomes established.

Routine could be forced.

Military trainees might be made to run at 5.30am every day, as could an athlete.

You might find yourself using public transport at the same time each day, possibly in the same seat.

To accomplish said pattern you need to have a level of mind. (see I didn’t write consciousness)

Granted this is a low level, a mundane level, but that autopilot is still mind.

A Bee then, has a hive mind. Its job to facilitate its sisters, selflessly serving her hive and ensuring the fertilization of flowers through pollination.

So…what about a four peptide bonded virus, that infiltrates ACE 2 receptors on the Alviola which facilitates the oxygen uptake in the human respiratory system?

Didn’t see that one coming eh?

(like you’re not sick and fucking tired of the covid theory)

So SARS 2 CV19 has to have a program right?

Could this be a level of mind?

A pathogen that attacks (allegedly) cells having a myriad of different effects on different people!

Hours, days, weeks and months of searching through…Advisory papers, medical records, contagion and fatality reports. Suggestion for possible vaccination pathways, and possible causes.

Not once do we have mention of what scientists told us years ago was the most accurate prediction of mortality… HOMOCYSTEINE!

And here’s an irony for you…As ‘alleged’ Pathogen struggles with Naïve Cells, T Cells (CD4 and CD8) Plasma Cells casing secondary complications like Cytomatic Storm which results in the destruction of the physical human. That very physical human looks out into our universe for an inhabitable planet…A new place to colonize after we’ve destroyed our own mother planet.

The original thread of the narrative was to demonstrate the level of responsibility needed to prevent being a ‘fucking know all’. And possibly transcend the level of human behavior that has brought about what some would describe as ‘a shit state of affairs’.

Now here’s a thing…in Hebrew mystic tradition the word ת | hebrew letter tav | Times New Roman, Regular @ Graphemicaי | hebrew letter yod | Times New Roman, Regular @ Graphemica The Hebrew Letter SHIN | AHA Bible Moments SHIT under certain circumstances translates…FOUNDATION.

(excuse my Hebrew)

A reference to stability out of chaos perhaps?

Evidence provided by the worlds state authorities looks to have no actual logic behind Government decisions concerning the world’s population. Decisions made by the minority on behalf of the majority. Actions carried out that may have what we feel are detrimental effects.

Consider then…Those of us who do not believe in the official mainstream media version of the singularly unusual set of events that have been taking place during 2020. Spare a thought and be forgiving to those who do believe and have genuine fear of a plague of Biblical proportions. If your brothers and sisters are struggling to see be kind in showing them the way. And who knows what revelation may come to light in the future, information that may very well label me as just a ‘know all fucker’

We lost a brother tonight…


Reigning Gym Champion…See ya on the other side Gus.  

Luv ya loads

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