This work has been submitted by a man whose self-indulgence and highly inflated ego has led to the inevitable hard fall that such a ‘know all fucker’ deserves. So looking from the bottom up, whilst on the bones of ones arse has provided the opportunity for said ‘know all fucker’ to provide a narrative of how to avoid becoming a ‘know all fucker’ and recognize the level of RESPONSIBILITY (and there’s a word) needed to see this ‘labelled’ crises as a time of opportunity.

This is a gym forum so we’ll start with the physical

 ‘Are you kidding!’

See there just may be ‘No physical’ without consciousness. This amazing phenomena exists both outside your body as well as inside. A Phenomena that shall, from now on be referred to as mind. For the simple reason that I have a lazy brain and do not want to continue to write down the word consciousness. The argument as to whether none local (external) mind existed or not, seems to have been resolved by scientists discovering synergistic energy fields whilst undergoing physical scans.

So it would be oh so cool if ‘your’ local mind would do me the honor of digesting what I’m writing down.

Let’s try a little experiment.


Think about the process that you undergo every day when you eat your first meal.

Firstly…May I congratulate you on having a first meal of the day. And secondly by presuming that the procedure of eating, sleeping or even using the toilet is a common practice for the majority of us. Would immediately display a level of ignorance, because one cannot account for everybody. Circumstance can often deny the privilege of food and shelter!

The underlying point trying to expose itself is that most of us have procedures driven by necessity. 

To eat is just a good example. The first meal would probably be ‘a very good example’.

You rise

You wash

You dress

You eat

Possibly at your leisure, or you may be in a hurry. Often the first meal is the same, as your routine becomes established.

Routine could be forced.

Military trainees might be made to run at 5.30am every day, as could an athlete.

You might find yourself using public transport at the same time each day, possibly in the same seat.

To accomplish said pattern you need to have a level of mind. (see I didn’t write consciousness)

Granted this is a low level, a mundane level, but that autopilot is still mind.

A Bee then, has a hive mind. Its job to facilitate its sisters, selflessly serving her hive and ensuring the fertilization of flowers through pollination.

So…what about a four peptide bonded virus, that infiltrates ACE 2 receptors on the Alviola which facilitates the oxygen uptake in the human respiratory system?

Didn’t see that one coming eh?

(like you’re not sick and fucking tired of the covid theory)

So SARS 2 CV19 has to have a program right?

Could this be a level of mind?

A pathogen that attacks (allegedly) cells having a myriad of different effects on different people!

Hours, days, weeks and months of searching through…Advisory papers, medical records, contagion and fatality reports. Suggestion for possible vaccination pathways, and possible causes.

Not once do we have mention of what scientists told us years ago was the most accurate prediction of mortality… HOMOCYSTEINE!

And here’s an irony for you…As ‘alleged’ Pathogen struggles with Naïve Cells, T Cells (CD4 and CD8) Plasma Cells casing secondary complications like Cytomatic Storm which results in the destruction of the physical human. That very physical human looks out into our universe for an inhabitable planet…A new place to colonize after we’ve destroyed our own mother planet.

The original thread of the narrative was to demonstrate the level of responsibility needed to prevent being a ‘fucking know all’. And possibly transcend the level of human behavior that has brought about what some would describe as ‘a shit state of affairs’.

Now here’s a thing…in Hebrew mystic tradition the word ת | hebrew letter tav | Times New Roman, Regular @ Graphemicaי | hebrew letter yod | Times New Roman, Regular @ Graphemica The Hebrew Letter SHIN | AHA Bible Moments SHIT under certain circumstances translates…FOUNDATION.

(excuse my Hebrew)

A reference to stability out of chaos perhaps?

Evidence provided by the worlds state authorities looks to have no actual logic behind Government decisions concerning the world’s population. Decisions made by the minority on behalf of the majority. Actions carried out that may have what we feel are detrimental effects.

Consider then…Those of us who do not believe in the official mainstream media version of the singularly unusual set of events that have been taking place during 2020. Spare a thought and be forgiving to those who do believe and have genuine fear of a plague of Biblical proportions. If your brothers and sisters are struggling to see be kind in showing them the way. And who knows what revelation may come to light in the future, information that may very well label me as just a ‘know all fucker’

We lost a brother tonight…


Reigning Gym Champion…See ya on the other side Gus.  

Luv ya loads

The ‘one’ and the only

The ‘Is’ and the eternal

The ‘Architect’ of all things

The very moment itself, clothed itself in light… And became our universe!

Time happened and Time was hot… It cooled and we came into existence…

human beings perceived…

We gained an understanding…

We taught that understanding to our children

Generation after Generation of understanding

Our world became hot and loud and time became faster

We did not need a sense of a higher being. Replaced by a sense of dominion over nature, over the

elements of the Universe around us, a Universe to which we once belonged.

Our beautiful planet who willingly gave to us, is become a slave.

Human Vampires

And then a spell was cast and the pathogen CV19 was a monster amongst us.

The human leaders made changes

Laws, Rules and Protocols which reach further than any war in our Races bloody History.

And the people new fear

And they do as they are told…

Social distancing

Close the schools

Close the factories… But not Amazon

No crowded events

Oh! And shut them Gyms!

And time slowed down

And people lived with their fear

Many turned away from the Mind numbing media

People stopped clapping

The hospitals became empty

Values changed

The Gym’s opened!

People start to return

They exercise the longing body and wanting mind. Neurons in the brain service the longing, and

through pathways send signals to sibling neurons in the expecting muscle fibrils causing a chemical

reaction to stimulate the long awaited contraction! Do it again and again and you have a Pump. The

muscles expand with blood carrying oxygen and goodness, what is this feeling of euphoria about?

Ah, yes, now I remember… Endorphins… All different kinds.

In your new found state of satisfaction you might hear a repeated sentence like a mantra, picked up

on your peripheral audio scan as the old and familiar faces reacquaint themselves (under socially

acceptable distancing protocols of course)

Sorry, what was the Mantra?

“Muscle Memory”

“Muscle Memory”

Muscle Memory,” of course.

Does just anything work or is a plan necessary?

Well… (be reshite)….. In the beginning Chaos is just fucking fantastic! If you shake all the

electromagnetic, chemical and minerals up. As long as you don’t  have an injury or die, you should

receive a positive effect… After all that which does not kill us makes us stronger… Yes?

Well just hold on a sec.

What may be even more fucking fantastic is a calculated approach.

A little bit like this one.

No matter what your ambitions are concerning the gym try this cloak of light on for size. You might

just become an expanding Universe.

Stage One:

Warm up.

Have a stretch.

Raise your Heart rate a little.

If it has been a while, then nerves are good.

If it has not been that long nerves are still good.

Be aware of your Brain – Body Synergy, the relationship between the two.

Now think about keeping your breathing out of your chest and down into your diaphragm, just one last

thing before you hand over to the boss… Turn Your Fucking Phone Off!

So it is now time to discover who is running the show. And if you have not got a coach…Know this now its your mind! Not to be confused with the soft fleshy thing inside your skull, The Mind is the organising

directing presence that pulls it all together. So get that and focus it on locating a step box between 9

to 20 inches from the floor ground zero.

Stage Two:

Place weakest foot on step box and drive your body to the top position, your weakest leg body side

should be over the box, your strongest side in mid-air.

Suggested rep range from 10 to 50 each leg alternatively, no stopping for three sets.

The better you can hold an object of resistance in the offhand/off side position; a dumbbell, kettle bell

or weighted plate should be absolutely super duper!

If you need to catch your breath stop between each set.

Doesn’t sound hard I hear some of you say?

Okay send me footage of 10 reps with your body weight in hand and see how hard that is! (Challenge)

Or say somebody who is much older or even has a handicap would be equally tested with no weight

addition and a rep – pause base.

So three sets each leg required. Repetition, optional… intensity prompt as possible, brisk tempo

stimulates metabolic rate…  Safety essential.

And on we go. “Analysis”… Learn to do it with exercise and move on, eventually to the “self”.

Na! Stay with the analysis kiddies, here how and why, a fully functional “you” has a greater

chance of surviving a Virus in a pathogen rife winter

Okay I will first exercise addresses the overall stress, primarily on the lower body (legs) and secondary

core (smaller supportive tissues) so here are two tricks in our box of goodies. The functional

application tempo and the intensity stimulates both central and peripheral nervous systems which in

turn stimulate the endocrine system into producing loads of hormonal treasures.

The pituitary yielding Growth Hormone and Thyroid 3/4 especially. We are also creating an

environment which affects blood sugar. At this point I would like to point out that those not used to this

type of intensity should be aware of low blood sugar frailties. To keep a sugar source at hand is good

advice taken!

And while on the subject… After training for over 40 years and living in a Gym for 25 years I feel ‘duty-bound’

to be as honest as I possibly can concerning sugar replacement supplements and this is going to hurt

some people in the business of selling supplements but the truth is… The well marketed processed

scientifically-based formulas are always going to come a not even close second to natural products.

I wouldn’t use an artificially processed energy drink so why would I advise you to?

I could make money by endorsing such products but… That would compromise my best intentions for your health.

My energy drink? And don’t get me wrong here.. I have tried the lot, took the piss even,

and that is how you discover what is good and what is not!

For me it is Small Green Tea, one whole lemon juice and half tablespoon of Borage or locally farmed

honey. And yes, granted some people do have honey issues. If you’re going down the stimulus path

why not trying a Pannex ginseng which raises N O (Nitrous Oxide) levels. Simple… Natural… Healthy…

So to our second set of exercises

If you have access to a Swiss ball, grab it. If not a bench will do.

At a later date I will explain the superiority of the ball to even the most hard-core lifter.

But for now it is the ball.

Start with a light kettle bell or dumbbell until you work out your “repetition range capability”.

Work within 10 to 20 reps by framing across the ball both feet on the deck, bent knees making a

horizontal body with scapular/upper back supported by the Swiss ball, facing the sky. Extend your

arms over your diaphragm and weight in both hands, lower behind head in pullover motion… Stop

weight behind head and returned to start position.

Swiss ball pullovers. Complete exercise and drop straight into plank for 30 seconds.

Try to complete three sets without stopping.

Analysis… Base position ensures the use of core tissues throughout the exercise.

Transference of load from chest to serratus/triceps to lats and scapular not only stimulate tissue but

also improve neuron synergy and overall cognitive expression. Moving in this exercise order also

makes your workout more economically efficient. The plank is a counter core ad on which gives the

opportunity for applying a working rest.

And here we go to the next set of exercises. First of which is a bog standard middle grip lat pulldown.

This will double and treble up in the additions to core but for now move from fully extended position to

contracted by slightly arching your lower back and protruding your chest on contraction at the point

that the bar touches the collarbone. Contract the scapula release and literally stretch back out to the

extended position, put your mind’s eye under your armpits and again on the drag at the bottom close

to your hips.

Ping off the Lat pull and jump back to the same position that you adopted on the Swiss ball for

pullovers… However,! This time grab yourself with the appropriate weighted plate. By approximate we

need once again to understand our rep potential (which of course will always change with


So this is pretty much a plus pressing movement… Guys, keep your elbows in and guide the

resistance over your chest as you press to the trajectory where the load feels more engaging to the

chest that the triceps, which is sort of a contradictory statement but you’ll get it when you try.

Three supersets at 12 reps is what the doctor ordered and not a vaccination.

Analysis… Antagonistic chest/back movement causing elevated cardio to cope with oxygen supply.

Some do argue that the technique is not so CV efficient. I see functional and efficient use of time


Next we have a three-way role which starts with the appropriate set of dumbbells working for 10 reps,

first, laterally stimulating the outer head of the shoulders by raising into a crucifix position before

returning the bells to your side thighs then immediately curling the bells for 10 reps before finally

raising them above your chest palms facing your face, elbows in, level with shoulders and extend in

that reverse position again, 10 wraps.

Analysis… Delts, biceps, triceps x 3 sets improves the body’s tolerance to lactic acid, once again

economics being a priority.

The final part of this work out for me is in the sprint. It is six intervals of 10 seconds off, 12 seconds on

for 5 hits and a final of 10 seconds off and 22 seconds on. Currently I prefer the dymatise bike.

I try to accomplish this task three times a week with the other supplementary workouts. I endeavoured

to achieve this within 25 minutes. Our World Order is one of Change and efficiency will bring

opportunity in crisis.

Only a fool would give advice without the realisation of possible consequence… That is to say in

matters of health, nobody is exempt. Death and Disease do not discriminate and even the best

amongst us experience times of darkness, illness and despair. What of material wealth if it cannot

fix a broken mind, body or spirit? A Mind, a Body and a Spirit that can at least be improved with the

help of exercise and responsible living. And that, is down to you!

During those 25 minutes of phone free exercise, it is just the three You’s. Mental, Physical and Spirit.

All surfing in on a great big wave called ‘THE WILL’. Control and correspondence with the wave

directly under you, intent on the beach, which is in sight, you can skilfully navigate towards it. In doing

so do you completely forget about the force of the mighty Ocean’s depths behind you? Or is it the very moment you connect.



Next time we’ll talk about maintenance workouts in the possibility of another lockdown and identifying back off training routines for older people and which supplements do what.

Get fit people! Winter’s comin’.

Luv ya

Stevie B