Our History.

Stevie B Started training in 1980 using weight lifting techniques to supplement a close quarter combat style.
By 1993 the year Stevie B’s gym opened Stevie had developed a passion for physique competition and had reasonable success at the national level, on the way having the privilege to work with several World Champions in the field of physique, Strength and conditioning
and sports combined.
April ’93 saw the first paying customers receiving on hand support and advice, a rare service that has been the ethic of this community style gym for the last 27 years.
Initial success at competitive events saw the gyms reputation achieve iconic status. It was not however until the following year that the final magic incident was added to the mix with the arrival of Stevie’s wife and partner Sarah Brindle. Sarah hit the scene like a storm having a string of successful ladies’ physique victories crowned by winning both the British and UK open title in 1996. An achievement that is even more incredible when achieved with only 2 years of training.
A testimony on how to get results, or what!

The couple came to understand that the “self-attention” needed to achieve such status was detrimental to the service of others. Impossible to give the attention needed to customers and clients and compete at such high level such and Stevie gave up competitive life and found themselves receiving just a much gratification from coaching others.
Having always had a combat facility on the premises a unit was opened in 1999.

To accommodate the rise in popularity of MMA. The gym played host to stables of fighters from 2001-2006 and 2010-2013. During this period of time self-funded schemes, worked to hep subsidies underprivileged groups and support organisations  such as local police and council run projects, Too many to list!
In 1999 the gym setup fitness programme supplied to the U.K air ambulance.
In 2001 were the first facility in the U.K to provide a work permit for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, coach Braulio Estima. Braulio a 4th world graduation champion and opened the separate full time business on the ground floor of the building.
Guests of the gym have included:

From The World Of Combat
Roger Gracie  WC  BJJ
Jeff Monson   WC  UFC
Michael Bisping WC UFC
George St Pierre WC UFC
Frank Shamrock WC UFC
Carlos Lemos WC BJJ
Steve Martin WC BJJ
Victor Estima WC BJJ
Roman WC BJJ
Matt Macklin WC BOXING

Dorian Yates WC MRO
Warren Treasure WC MRU
Lee Martial WC
Ed Coan
Paddy Doyle
Chris Bomber Harris

With a host of British and Euro champs to numerous names
By 2008 our priority lay in performance preparation covering every possible angle. From the man who wanted to walk at 250lb of shredded muscle to the lady who just wanted to walk after a tragic accident. All ambitions become as equally important to us Fundamental principles covering exercise, nutrition, environmental elements and spiritual.
They just need a stage of adjustment to suit each individual need, The last ten years have also seen us help develop both home grown coaches and coaches that have come from further afield.
We still endeavour to support community projects and work close with A.G Boxing Club / Coaching team with Craig Storer. Chrissy Cliff and Diko.

The professional boxing team is run by Max Mccracken. Max’s family are considered as boxing royalty in Birmingham, We have worked with Max’s brother Spencer who helped with our first MMA Stable in 2004.
Spencer put in some considerable time into helping U.F.C referee Marc Goddard during his fighting career before running a programme for underprivileged.
So we find ourselves in the COVID 19 era, on which subject we’ve produced many papers, available on this website addressing human cellular reaction and the possibility of endorsing stage 1 and stage 2 immune systems to cope with the pathogens. During lockdown we could boast that in the 27 years Stevie B’s gym, we only close on the days of Christmas and Boxing day. Including Births, Deaths and Funerals. Now that’s dedication!

If You Want Some, Come and Get It!